Board Books

With a rollicking rhyme and candy-colored illustrations, Kersten Hamilton and Valeria Patrone’s toddler-pleasing book series this are the perfect read-alouds!

★ “With a well-crafted text spiced with sound effects…highly recommended for reading aloud to the truck-loving crowd.”—Booklist, starred review

“With plenty of sound effects and opportunities for call-and-response, this will be a spirited pick for one-on-one or group story time.”—Booklist

Red Truck

Falling rain, melting snow
a rising creek—
our bus won’t go!

Who can splooosh through mud and zoom up hills to save the day? Red Truck!

Blue Boat

Missing rudder, broken fin—
wild nor’easter blowing in!
Help us, Blue Boat!

When a family on a sailing outing gets stuck in a surprise storm, who is rough and tough enough to  fight through rocking waves and howling winds? Blue Boat!

Yellow Copter

The Ferris wheel stopped
turning ‘round.
Our teacher’s stuck—
she can’t get down!

Cranes can’t reach. She’s up too high! Who can help? Yellow Copter!

Green Tractor

Who will help prepare for Harvest Day?

Big tires built for traction
roll Green Tractor into action!
Go, Green Tractor, go!